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.Os Environments

Merger and Migration Re-launch 07.01.22

.Os is the hosting platform for our inter-connected network of networks. Designed to offer its users the ability to operate anywhere in total control with privacy and security. Users can choose to connect with people within their own network or other networks connected to the ".Os" platform. We host the network of networks.
New Platforms

.Os Desktop

Cloud based Os.

The .Os Desktop is a multi-faceted cloud based platform that allows for the operation of a private or public operating system that can be connected in a hybrid honeycomb configuration for seamless interoperability. The new .Os desktop gives you a new way to operate differently!
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Personal social networks.

Our stand alone personal social network that can connect with other private networks to share as little or as much as the user wants, with whom ever or no one at all by simply using the network to store and collect informational data. So think about getting "Connected"!
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Aggregated life stream.

Keeping track of the latest state of affairs isn't hard to do when integrated with the latest in realtime communucations timeline that is virtually impenetrable while seemlessly connected. Chronograph the rhythm of your life through Algorithmz
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.Os Elements

Modular features.

Separate .Os element modules designed for inter-operability within .Os environments or as stand alone applications. There are 12 standard fearture applications that are ready to go on their own or operate as part of the overall Os.
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Consensus .v2

Decentralized databases. 10.01.2022

A complete suite of applications and modules built on the ".Os" platform to operate any type of application which needs failsafe validation to reach a general concensus on a wide rage of products and services.
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A music label.

A social music label that can connect you with your favorite artists via our network. Listen to and watch your personal favorite musical artists catalog the way you like. From one single song to their entire discography.
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.Office Works

Personal productivity suite.

A cloud based social office network that keeps you connected to your work. Stay connected to your workspace to stay on top of those important documents and collaborate from anywhere in real time through ".Office".
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Personal social chat.

When you need a personal private chat solution think of Conversations and connect with other private networks, individuals or groups to share your thoughts.
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Connected Fintech.

Think of the new way to handle your personal finances and online payments. Bancx connects you with private finance networks to assist you with managing your assets and gain better control over your money.
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The world You. 10.01.2022

The world is becoming more complex by the day. Don't get lost in the confusion of the ever mounting information deluge. Let your Dossier speak for you and keep the records straight.
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Accounting by the numbers.

Accountancy done right when done by the numbers.
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