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The support offered in this center relates to those often asked question that have been addressed before.

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The simplest way in which to get in touch with us if not the issue is not support related.
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The invaluable method of choice in contacting us. Someone is available 24 hours a day to assist you.
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Call Center

When you absolutely need to speak with someone just give us a call by clicking on the button below.
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Support Ticket

Please start a support ticket and someone wil respond to your request within 10 minutes at most.
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Quick Answers

Before feeling discouraged at not finding the answers. Try these simple solutions.
Can't gain access to your services
  • Check your user name
  • Make sure the password is correct
  • Check the caps setting
  • double check the security
  • Send a password reset request
Environment Not Found
  • Make sure your environment is live
  • Check your internet connection
  • Try to ping your environment
  • Confirm all settings are correct
  • Examine your configuration
When Enviroment Doesn't Display
  • Check for page redirect
  • Look at the ssl (https)
  • Refresh page again
  • Check internet connection
  • Make sure you theme is good
Environment Problems
  • Home page doesn't display (check here)
  • I can't connect with my users (check here)
  • Code at top of my environment (check here)
  • Database can't be found (check here)
  • I can't embed YouTube video (check here)
Technical Issues
  • Slow processing is a cache problem
  • Follow instruction for password retrieval
  • Encryption features are are from the content side
  • Can't use the support "call" feature, try eMail
  • Reset chat service via chat "admin" if it quits
Modifications & Changes
  • The environment can be modified
  • There are many exciting feature in our marketplace
  • "Design" at bottom of the environment
  • If theme seems misaligned, uninstall it
  • No, we do not offer any theming services