Personal Desktop

A personal workspace of your own is essential these days. Imagine being able to access your private desktop envioronment no matter where you are. Try the .Os personal desktop environment.
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iShare Cloud

When its time to share all that matters to you like photos, music, videos, do it through iShare. The .Os clouds environment that does so much more.
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Office Space

Welcome to your personal office space. Professionally designed to assist you in reaching your peaks with the tools needed to do so.
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Community Place

Our .Os community solution is an innovative way to ensure you manage your clients resources as effectively as possible.
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Why Choose Us

We only support .Os clients and .Os users. So the reason and rational is clear. .Os was created to specifically support the platform and .Os!

24/365 Support

We are available everyday to assist with any of our clients needs or concerns.

Easy Start

Getting started with your new environment with us is relatively simple. Just sign-up and we'll take it from there.

Everyday Buckups

Never miss out on that single document or chart again with our automatic daily backups.


When you've decided on your concept, check out our vast array of themes and specialty concept designs.


Only 10 Minutes For a Personal Environment for $5 /per mounth


Below are some facts about .Os and what it offers to its clients around the world.
Environmental Platforms
.Os is in fact a collection of networks designed to work as a hybrid web. Each and every client is actually a separate network connected at the hub. This allows elasticity to the overall network. Single users are able to interact and share with other single users or larger groups or organisational clients. These are discribed as environments because they are self contained workspaces that allow the user(s) complete control over their respective enviornments.
Building Blocks
The backend and backbone of the network is battle tested and has been in constant use for nearly 16 years. Its built on technologies that are common today that provide much of the integration and inter-connectivity. Our base platform allows us to morph into almost any direction of product our clients may what to explore or replicate. The inderlying technologies are for the most part the core of the system. This allows us to build upon the platform and create new apps on the fly. Thus adding additional building blocks on which the collective network can then build upon.
Network Architecture
The network architecture is pretty straight forward and allows the user client to easily understand how it operates. Clients find that the user experience is much like what they're accustomed to in their everyday web experiences. There is no learning curve other than the realization that they are infact working in multiple environments of immediate space and cloud space. They discover everything they may want or require is already built into the environment. They only need to call it up by simply doing what they normally do.
Clients frequently discover that they are seamlessly working within their personal environment and can communicate or share with others in and out of it. They no longer have to wait for a reply via eMail when the respondent is already availible via the network and beyond. You see the data of "internet of things" is always there. There is no need to close out your work or conversations to work on another platform or website. They simply bring the outside work project, collaboration or communication into their environment. Hence everything you do can then be done seamlessly within their respective environments. They can choose to share or invite someone to join them in theirs or a separate environment. ...Availability!
Sometimes we discover we don't have every tool in the wheel house to accomplish the task or job at hand. With .Os that's not a problem because a client can scale up or down seamlessly without the need to purchase or release any resources. Clients never have to worry about running out of storage space or not having the computing power to handle any task. .Os is an elastic platform and affords it's clients the ability to grow or shink at will. There is no such thing as full or not enough within the users environment(s). The needed resources are built into the individual environments and are readily available when called upon. There are no excuses within the .Os framework!

What Some Say

Here are some users experiences within .Os Environments using the ".Os" architecture.

My experience has been rock solid. The interface is interesting, if I don't like it I can change it with the click of my mouse I like that.

Micheal Belovicz, Client

It took me a while but I figured it out. I especially like the ability to post my work and share it with my friends or the world. I can make it private or public or I can share it with 1 or 100 people and groups. ...cool :-)

Frank, Client

I have an online printing business and time is important to me. It's the life blood of my business.I have clients that demand perfectin and speed in my interactions with them. .Os allows me to immediately respond to their changes and requests.

Katharine Ross, President - Just My Type LLC.

I can invite people to a private or collective chat to have a discussion. We can invite whomever is needed to the converation and share files, audio, video and picture if necessary. I have to say I was a little skeptical at first but after using it for awhile it works for my needs.

Helen, Client

I find that my clients like the ability to reach me almost any time of the day or night. They can just leave me a message and the system alerts me. I can choose to respond or send a message back with the information access they need. This allows me to work when its convenient for me but still service my valuable clients.

Anthony Duran, Realtor

I like it and it works for me. I use facebook a lot and they have a facebook and twitter app that let's me work in one space and still stay socially aware and in the loop. I guess that's why they call them environments huh, they fit!

Raymond Little, Socializer

This is absolutly great for me. I'm an event coordinator and party planner. Now I can tell my clients to go to my environment space and they can see my work or sign up to become a potential client of mine. I't all done in one place and we can meet online there to dicuss there needs and do our initial meeting without running all over town.

Silvia Roan, Event Planner

I'm still checking the service out but it looks okay. I like the different options and the all in one place thing. We'll see.

Marco G., Client