Data Proccesing

In the world of mounting data creation. .Os is committed to understanding our clients and customers value in contributed to the processing of that data.
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Cloud Environments

Our environment services are and have always been cloud based. We provide the utmost in thes type of services. We are dedicated to our educational clients and realize their confidence in us.
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Virus Protection

With us as with any competent company, viruses are a constant annoyance. We are aware of the many problems they can create. However we are not as alarmed as some may think or be. We employee a simple and effective counter measure to any possble threats. built-in statergies that don't allow an intrusion to occur in the fisrt place.
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Technical Assistance

Our technical support is as good as the people we employ to assist you with any perceived problem or occurence. The technical team is always on and availible to handle any eventuality no matter how complex or minot.
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Adopt A Name

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Educational environments, scholastic platforms and a comprehensive, software base that allows educators of every background and part of the world to experience the simple ease of the .Os based platform we call ".Education"

Data Analysis

.Education provide the most comprehensive set of markers in the educational world.


The monitoring of the environment is constant and features around the clock access for client review and peice of mind.


Our servers and services are constantly optimized. Therefore it's an inherent feature to our clients.


The .education environment is .Os managed for the sake of security.


The environment is completely encrypted once entered into our proprietary secure platform.


Security is a never ending, ongoing proces for us. We are obligated to ensure tht our clients are protected from the outset of their experience with .Os.


.Os considers this to be an inherent function of the environments and is easy to accomplish.


.Education environments may in fact be accessed and managed by the client or co-managed as the need may be.


The student directory and calendar of activities for the students.


There is a fully customized administration package built into the .Education platform and the subsequent workspace environments.


.Educaton is a fully self contained educational platform that allows a school distric or individual facilty to safely communicate with everyone witin the network. that also incluses other schools or school districts if allowed.


.Os .Education environments are relatively easy to manage and maintain. An administrator can access and perform sensitive work from nearly any mamagement kiosk.


The teachers portal provides approved teachers the ability to communicate effieciently and effectively throughout the school.


Write curriculum on the fly. Change and modify any aspect of your curriculums through the powerful editing feature found in .Education.


Access can be granted to monitor the flow of any paricular classroom with the built-in video conferencing features.


Oversee the operating expenses of a particular district, school, department, classroom or student. Use the fully integrated accounting software to monitor the finances of your organization.

Popular Plans

Here you'll find an number of plans that may fit your specific needs. However in the absense of exactly what you're looking for. We are always at your disposal to assist you in creating that perfect solution for you.

Primary School

A robust environment designed to ad schools in their daily operations.
100GB Storage Space
50GB Bandwidth
10 Sub-Domains
100 eMail Accounts
Control Panel & FTP

Secondary School

When more is needed, more is offered. This is the hallmark of the .Education environment platform
200GB Storage Space
75GB Bandwidth
25 Sub-Domains
250 eMail Accounts
Control Panel & FTP

High School

For the complex world of the young adult our integrated cirriculums prepare them for tomorrow.
400GB Storage Space
150GB Bandwidth
50 Sub-Domains
500 eMail Accounts
Control Panel & FTP

Why Choose Us

We only support .Os clients and .Os users. So the reason and rational is clear. .Os was created to specifically support the platform and .Os!

24/365 Support

We are available everyday to assist with any of of clients needs or concerns.

Easy Start

Getting started with your new environment with us is relatively simple. Just ign-up and we take it from there.

Everyday Buckups

Never miss out on that single document or chart again with our automatic daily backups.


When you've decided on your concept check out our vast array of themes and specialty concept designs.


Administration and Administrators
Teachers interactions digest
Student, parent information
Cirriculums and blueprints
School networks and access
Accounting and the bookkeeping
Organization management
Classrooms monitoring
Legal ramification
Design and customization


Only 10 Minutes For a .Education Environment for $50 / per mounth

Our Commitment

Excellence is our commitment to our clients and their customers. We stand by that commitment as evidenced by our work.

24/365 Support

Support is an essential aspect of the connected world. So we are as committed to making sure you have as great an experience as if it were us on the receiving end.

Have A Question?


As with all our products and services we offer a complet satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatified with our .Education environments or platform for any reason let us know. We will politely refund your funds for the full experience and wish you well. No problems.

Your Money

We have devised an system and environment based platform that save you that precious commodity known as money.

Our Time

We simplify the processes in which we provide services to our clients. And that saves us time.

99.9% Uptime

.Os Environment has stated and works very hard to maintain the commitment to our 99% uptime. This is an important aspect of the commitment we've made.

  • Databases are always up and available.
  • Your mission critical processes are always running.
  • Your users or clients are able to access your envronments at anytime.
  • If for some reason we let you down with this uptime claim we'll correct it.