We Are .Os Environments

.Os is the hosting platform for our inter-connected network of networks. Designed to offer its users the ability to operate anywhere in total control with privacy and security. Users can choose to connect with people within its own network or other networks connected to the ".Os" platform.


.Os is a cloud based inter-connected network of desktop environment workspaces. It has been designed and created to enhance the overall efficiency and user experience of the ubiquitous ".Os" desktop environment.

We Connect You

.Os is essentially a cloud based networking solution that happens to be social. We are built on top of a very well proven technology that provides an excellent platform for us. .Os has been designed to connect you to your work and the world. We allow you the ability to work in complete privacy or you can share a single aspect of what you're doing or everything you are doing. We connect you to the people and places you choose to connect with and close out those things or people you don't.


Explore a short run through of the moments that matter to us and our journey to where we are today.
September 28, 2015

.Os Was Conceived

The idea of an all encompassing cloud based social operating system was conceived by Craig and Pamela.
October 12, 2015

A Deal Was Done

A deal had been negotiated and solidified to acquire the underlying .Os technology.
January 3, 2016

Formation & Implementations

The implementation of .Os as a platform, that coincided with the launch of the supporting hosting. This all happened over a few cups of coffee and tea.
June 06, 2017

Directional Timeframe

A deployment of the network was set for the early days of June. Just in time for the completion of the first of 5 new small data centers.
August 01, 2018

Final Equipment Tests

Final testing of the newly installed equipment along with the transfer of test clients for the September 01, 2018 Launch. With a fully implemented infrastrure beginning January 2019.

Technology Resources

The list of some of the technology used in the construction of .Os Envirnments and .Os,. There are many products used in bringing you this platform, but these are the major outside rescources relied upon to date.

The Team

Meet the team that brought you the .Os Environment network and .Os. This is the dedicated core who put in the time and resources.


CEO | Co-President




Chief Technology Officer


Chief Financial Officer (Retired)