Technology Center

The new .Os software and technology center designed with our users in mind. This will allow us to be the most effecient around that leverages the power of the community. The facility will give oppurtunity to the citizens of the city without the need to outscource any of these service.
  • People. 300 / per year
  • Wages. $15-$25 per hour
  • Training. TBA
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Internet Of Things

A complete comprehensive suite of services designed to keep you connected to what matters to you. Geared towards all levels of users that require the optimum in performance and convience. .Os and other related platforms built upon the enhanced technologies will be housed and deployed from the Bloomfield Cityscapes facilities.
  • .Os Web operating system
  • Algorithmz. Data stream
  • ConnectWorkz.Fiber. 10 gigabyte fiber
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Technology Hub

Cityscapes @ Southfield will be the technology campus place to be for the enterprise world. This model will offer the simpliest, most concise means to collaborate and share ideas in the Oakland county area. This will be the best way to start our interactive network for support of the overall infrastructure of .Os.
  • Multiple building design. Campus
  • Rentable flex / tech space. 1.2 million sq. ft.
  • Software network platform. 20,000 nodes
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Computer Factory

A place to build and assemble our rock solid, dedicated .Os servers. This facility will house a multi-faceted design, testing and assembly space to push out .Os ARM based computers and tablets using the new .Os operating system. The backbone of the ecosystem will be the .Os network of networks for the heavy lifting of inter-connected platforms.
  • Light manufacturing space. Factory
  • Component assembly. Computers
  • SSD storage arrays. 10 petabyte
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Cityscapes @ Southfield


Cityscapes @ Southfield will be a secure technology environment designed to provide a U.S. base for .Os Environment' proprietory ".Os" operating system. The impact on the immediate area will be felt instantaneously with the implementation of decentralized data centers. Other features offered by this new complex will be the community enhancement oppurtunities listed below.

Development Schedule

Building concept design
City and county review
Site pre-construction prep

Campus Vision

Light, flexible, modern design
Local area contractors
Office / flex/ retail / residential

Detailed Focus

2000 - 2500 daily workers.
300 new condo style living spaces
Dozens of retail accomodations

Community Involvment

Community dicussion involvement
Locally oriented hiring
Community workforce co-operation

Development Effects

We've divided the project into a few catagories to see the social and economic impact of different aspects of Cityscapes @ Southfield.


Personal benefits
Long term oppurtunities
National wages
Easy commute to work
Pleasant work environment
Casual campus lifestyle
$20M in annual salaries
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New property on tax roll
Premium real estate taxes
City wide hiring
Mandated training
Business district expansion
Infrastructure enhancements
$100M in annual impact
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Campus grows the county grows
1,000 - 1,500 new residents
Tech culture expansion
New electronics suppliers
250 - 300 new Coders
New educational oppurtunities
$200M in real estate assets
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Decentralized data centers
Expansion of tech incentive
Expansion of .Os smart nodes
Decentralized data centers
World wide developers
Home of .Os operating system
$50M In intial investment
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Hosted by .Os Environments, a .Os Technologies company.
Hosting by .Os
There are currently a dozen core products offered and hosted by .Os. These products are diverse in nature yet complement each other in functionality. They represent a healthy mix of the types of everyday products and services used by everyday people in everyday life. Feel free to check them out as they're rolled out over the next few months.
Connected Demos


A new campus environment built over 22 Months delivering 100 jobs / per month!

In business there should be and is an inherent assumption that precedes the simple sell of any goods and services. That assumption transcends goods and services and translates into design therefore stands out as a representation of those goods and services its represents. That's the concept behind the new Cityscapes @ Bloomfield

Campus Design

By virtue of the design concept there are virtually hundreds of design possibilities that enhance the overall site. There are currently plans for 6 buildings designed to make our build-out seemless. Some of the features that best fit the site will require a great amount of custom work to achieve the look and feel of the project. However the city has a diverse and robust workforce that should make the task effortless. In a city with an experienced workforce of over 50,000 there is a wealth of builders, contractors, webmasters and designers that can help make the total project a great success.

construction video

Site & Environment Offerings

The new Cityscapes @ Southfield offers an excellent oppurtunity for the new tech community to become part of a vibrant new chapter in the surrounding area. This campus will give the young, the mature and young at heart a reason to visit no matter what it is you do for a living or what you like to do in your spare time. This will not only be a technology campus, but a destination place to get away from the ordinary without having to travel to far to do so. It will offer the city and surrounding area a place to live, work and play all in relative close proximity to everything someone may want or need in a lifestyle environment.

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Business Migration

The art and craft of web development and related infrastructure is a detail oriented world. The attention to detail you'll find in a web app or platform is the same built into the architecture of Cityscapes @ Bloomfield. This project will be done in the most efficient manner, using the most sophisticated methods of design and construction to provide for one of the best well rounded and finely tuned work environments available in the city. Bloomfield has looked at a number of design concepts and proposals, but ultimately decided on one of simplicity and striking presence. The concept was proposed and presented via an open competition. Shortly thereafter the principals of Bloomfield made the decision to go with it due to its' utter simplicity of form and function. The concept is not necessarily new and has been done before, however we feel it will blend into the surrounding landscape beautifully providing a new U.S. home for the following products and companies.

  • .Money (Crypto-Currency)
  • .Os Environments (OS)
  • Algorithmz Inc.
  • Elements Apps
  • .Os Network
  • Museic+ Incorporated
  • .Nodes
  • e3 Software

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